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I played this a while back and had fun with it, I hope there's more to come from you!


Thank you for playing the game! 

It was my pleasure, thanks for making it

Sang Hendrix may I ask why your Dear RED game so short

i counted 17 endings...

It's an interesting game but I don't know the game ended lol.

7 of the endings are just quick deaths with no reinforcement on the mystery of the story.

Anyways, the Murderer(Dad of Anna), speaks a little bit, first they say they did it to save Red.

Red is an emotionless soul of a human, to trigger some emotion in her, the Murderer had to kill the Mother who is main source of lack of emotions. 


This is awesome! I love the fact that there are multiple endings. But I sort of wished the endings have pictures. I got everyone killed at the end because I wanted to find out if the dad "murderer" really killed Red (Ruby's) mom... and I think I did... sad though :(

Thank you for playing the game!

Red is sexy 

This game is so original!!! I loved playing it :D


Dear Red is an interesting take on the RPG Maker genre that introduces multiple pathways and choices. It was fun to go through all the different choices and gather fractions of the story to piece together at the end. Gameplay was immersive and kept me wanting to discover more about what really happened. Though a shorter game, it is very complex and engaging. I enjoyed it a lot!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for playing. ♥


I hate this game I didnt even get to play it I cant get past the opening scene and Ive tried everything!


You shouldnt hate a game just because it doesnt work I know this was 2 months ago but still.

-Edgy Boi 101


I guess so


Good stuff!

Could have been a great game but the Dev didn't get any help with it.


Thank you for the comment :)