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"In this dark and lonely world, I stand here listening to the calls echoing from the bottom of the pit. I know what will happen, but I can't not go down there, because the creator of the game make me to. So low, so abusive of his power. But it's all right, it's my fate. I will definitely DIE sooner or later!!"

• Features:
A ball (or whatever you think it is)
A deep dark hole

• How to play:
Roll the ball, avoid dangerous things.

• Note:
This is my first time I'm trying to make a type of game like this, and I really enjoyed making it. You can finish this game in about 10 - 20 minutes (or longer). I hope you guys love playing the game, and feel free to give me some feedback, thank you. :)

And thank you Blurry Mind for translating the description.

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AuthorSang Hendrix
Tagsblack, black-pit, pit, sanggameboy

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